Lawn Fertilizer Treatments Canton Massillon Ohio

A healthy, green, weed-free lawn is the desirable result we offer. Remember though, complete weed eradication is virtually impossible. Relentless weed eradication will weaken your grass and cause discoloration or stunted growth.

Birds are constantly introducing new seeds to your lawn. These seeds may remain dormant for years waiting for the right conditions to germinate. Weed identification and knowing the weed life cycles, makes it possible to use the control procedures as they are needed. The goal of lawn treatment is to minimize weed problems while enhancing the desired turf-grass health and appearance.

Early Spring Fertilizer Applilcation

Application 1 – Early Spring

Early spring is the time for crabgrass control and the proper amount of fertilizer to ensure proper winter recovery. If you want a green lawn all summer you have to start treatments early.

Spring Fertilizer Applilcation

Application 2 – Spring

In addition to a second application of crabgrass control we are now targeting broadleaf weeds. If needed, another application of fertilizer is applied. Each lawn is taken into careful consideration.

Summer Fertilizer Applilcation

Application 3 – Summer

Constant monitoring of your lawn will tell us if we need to treat for surface insects. If symptoms are present, a surface insecticide will be applied. Then we prepare your lawn for the summer heat strain.

Late Summer Fertilizer Applilcation

Application 4 – Late Summer

A preventative grub control method is advised during this time. If symptoms are present, we will recommend one of our control methods. Another fertilizer is applied to support color in your lawn for the rest of the year.

Early Fall Fertilizer Applilcation

Application 5 – Early Fall

Another broadleaf weed control application is applied if necessary. Also, if needed, a specific amount of fertilizer is applied to help recuperate your lawn from the strain of summer heat.

Late Fall Fertilizer Applilcation

Application 6 – Late Fall

If any broadleaf weeds remain, another application is applied to help prevent re-growth the following year. Also, another specific fertilizer formula is used to encourage root development without plant growth.

Winter Fertilizer Applilcation

Application 7 – Winterizer

A fertilizer blend is applied to stimulate growth and food retention, which is critical for your lawn during the winter months. This application promotes an even greener, healthier lawn, the following spring.

As a customer with a 5 to 7 step program, you will be entitled to free service calls. Please take this liberty and call if you have any questions or concerns. The fertilizers we use achieve their best results when watered into your lawn. If it doesn't rain within three days of the application, you may need to water. However, the weed manageable products may not take well if there is a heavy rainfall within a few hours of your application. Please wait at least 14 days to notice if weed managing products took effect. If not, give us a call and we will provide another weed control visit at no cost. A moderate rain shouldn’t have any negative effects.

Rich Topsoil

PH Adjustments

A soil PH level of 7.0 is ideal for nutrient intake. When the PH is off, nutrients become unavailable to the root system. This causes discoloration stunted growth. We will sample your soil and have it tested for an accurate PH reading.



These pests usually reveal themselves by leaving concentrated brown spots in your lawn or a spongy feel when you walk on it. They incur serious damage, and usually show no signs of presence until it’s too late.