Soil, Sand + Gravel in Canton Massillon Ohio

When it comes to mulching your beds, quality is of dire importance. Each of our products are of the finest quality and grade. Please take the opportunity to visit our new mulch distribution center: 4304 Lincoln Way E in Massillon.

Topsoil, Garden Soil, Compost + Peat Moss

Soil: Contractor's Blend

Contractor's Blend

Screened to 2". Topsoil, Peal and Sand.

Soil: Field Grade

Field Grade

Unscreened. Stones as they come.

Soil: Garden Blend

Garden Blend

Organic matter, sand, Ohio peat and compost.

Soil: Super Soil

Super Soil

Screened to 3/4". Topsoil, sand and organic matter.

Soil: Compost Material

Compost Material

Made from leaves and other shredded yard waste.

Soil: Ohio Peat Moss

Ohio Peat Moss

From the Ohio peat bogs. Dark and rich!

Masonary + Concrete Sand

Sand: Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

Unwashed and coarse. Use for patios or drainage.

Sand: Mason Sand

Mason Sand

Washed and smooth. Best for mixing cement.

Gravel, Stone, Limestone, + Bases

Gravel: Limestone Base

Limestone Base

Great for patio or walkway bases. Compacts well.

Gravel: Limestone #57

Limestone #57

Nickel-Quarter sized. Great for driveways.

Gravel: Limestone #8

Limestone #8

Dime sized + smaller. Easy to walk on.

Gravel: Ohio Gravel Base

Ohio Gravel Base

Gold ball sized + smaller. Great for backfill.

Gravel: Ohio Gravel #4

Ohio Gravel #4

Golf ball sized crushed gravel. Perfect for drainage.

Gravel: Ohio Gravel #8

Ohio Gravel #8

Dime sized. Smooth, and easy to walk on.

Gravel: Ohio Gravel #57

Ohio Gravel #57

Nickel-Quarter sized. Great for driveways.